I’ve Waited a Long Time for this Post…

Sign of the apocalypse? A dream within a dream? Times seven? Not so sure, but until Joseph Gordon-Levitt incepts all over my parade, I am finally, officially, thankfully EMPLOYED. Who saw that one coming? I know I didn’t. YES! Ladies, gentlemen, whoever else is reading this post, I actually have a job. Someone will be paying … Continue reading

This Heat Is Bananas

It’s been hot. How hot? No-Chapstick-tube-is-safe hot. Thigh-peeling-from-chair hot. My-muscles-have-become-noticeably-more-tender-from marinating-in-sweat hot (happy hunger games).  And in my third story walk up apartment, where you’re more likely to find Big Foot than air conditioning, the heat can be enough to mentally push you over the edge. I’ve even had to put writing cover letters on … Continue reading

Spending Father’s Day with Perfect Strangers

Independence can be a beautiful thing. I only needed about one day into my first semester of college to figure that one out.  No parents, no rules. The dream of every angsty 18-year-old.  The novelty of no curfews and the opportunity to get that piercing you’ve always wanted, however, does eventually wear off. Fast forward to the post grad lifestyle … Continue reading

The Crazy Things We Do For Love

Somewhere between the Long Trail and the drive Binghamton, NY, I realized- passion is the ultimate motivator. It can persuade us to pursue an uncertain outcome. It’s a blindfold and a security blanket; the voice whispering about how taking this next step off the cliff is a good idea and despite common sense, you will … Continue reading

The Life and Times of a Laptop Hobo

Laptop Hobo |ˈlapˌtäp |ˈhōˌbō| noun (pl. laptop hoboes)- a caffeine-addicted, wireless internet poacher who can be observed posting up for hours in coffee shops that offer free internet. Known to get violent over power outlets. It’s not easy out there. The stigma, the raised eye brow from the barista, the dusty pants from the hysterical search on … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Crispy Bars- Made with Love & Free Time

In attempt to keep all career options open, I thought I’d try my hand at Keebler Elf. Desperate times, my friend, desperate times. Now we all have our vices. One of mine is internet food porn. Before you judge me, don’t act like you don’t indulge from time to time- we all know the real reason … Continue reading

The Benefits of Unemployment

Health insurance is overrated. If the first week of post-grad living has taught me that the unemployed lifestyle brings its own set of benefits to the table. They may not have been the most obvious, but if one was distracted by, say, a career, a paying job, responsibilities, they could be missed… 1. If possible, … Continue reading

I’m Not Qualified

Four years ago, I made a graduate mixed CD that I would blare, on repeat, with the windows down in my Civic. I could only assume I was known by my neighbors as “that Vitamin C Girl,” belting AS WE GOOOOO ON, WE REMEMBERRRR, off-key, tooling around my street no less than three weeks before … Continue reading