Spending Father’s Day with Perfect Strangers

Independence can be a beautiful thing. I only needed about one day into my first semester of college to figure that one out.  No parents, no rules. The dream of every angsty 18-year-old.  The novelty of no curfews and the opportunity to get that piercing you’ve always wanted, however, does eventually wear off. Fast forward to the post grad lifestyle … Continue reading

The Life and Times of a Laptop Hobo

Laptop Hobo |ˈlapˌtäp |ˈhōˌbō| noun (pl. laptop hoboes)- a caffeine-addicted, wireless internet poacher who can be observed posting up for hours in coffee shops that offer free internet. Known to get violent over power outlets. It’s not easy out there. The stigma, the raised eye brow from the barista, the dusty pants from the hysterical search on … Continue reading

The Benefits of Unemployment

Health insurance is overrated. If the first week of post-grad living has taught me that the unemployed lifestyle brings its own set of benefits to the table. They may not have been the most obvious, but if one was distracted by, say, a career, a paying job, responsibilities, they could be missed… 1. If possible, … Continue reading