This Heat Is Bananas

It’s been hot.

How hot?

No-Chapstick-tube-is-safe hot. Thigh-peeling-from-chair hot. My-muscles-have-become-noticeably-more-tender-from marinating-in-sweat hot (happy hunger games). 

And in my third story walk up apartment, where you’re more likely to find Big Foot than air conditioning, the heat can be enough to mentally push you over the edge. I’ve even had to put writing cover letters on hold some days because being near the warmth of my computer tends to turn my lap a nice medium-rare.

No A/C is fine when you’re looking for an apartment second semester of your Junior year- when you’re thinking you only need it for September-May and that you’ll for sure peace out of there with a career and a steady paycheck before you’ll really need it.

Mm, I was so young back then.

To make up for it and with no cushy airconditioned office to hide in for 8 hours during the day, I’ve come up with a few ways that have helped distract my body and mind from the Hear Wave of ‘012 (the ‘oh’ adds a nice touch of drama right?).

1. Using the Oven

Part about surviving the heat is accepting it’s inevitability. It’s there and not going anywhere. The more you try to get rid of it even, the more it seems to get worse. So what better time to turn on the oven in your oven of an apartment? Maybe it was the  the delirium brought on by the temperature but I got strangely motivated to try out a banana bread recipe.

Not just any banana bread recipe, but a Banana Banana Bread recipe. Six nanners got fit into this one loaf. I also waited until they were at their brownest, gooiest stage of life before macerating them into a pan.

Along with following the recipe (which I so nicely included here), I added one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. At a time when my brain was on the fritz, this was a fantastic decision.

2. Parusing the Frozen Food Aisle of Trader Joe’s

A glorious runway lined with open freezer bins, oozing out chilly air and must sought-after relief. There are even free samples so you can enjoy the coolness without worrying about paying for food. Or starving. Both valid concerns.

2. The Ol’ PJ’s in Freezer Trick (and clothes and towel and underwear…)

The effect doesn’t last long but the few minutes of icy cold rapture is enough to stem off an on-coming mental breakdown. Everyone around you will be appreciative.

4. Bikram Yoga

The only thing in the entire world that will make the temp outside feel doable. If you’ve never done Bikram before, it’s a 90-minute yoga class that mixes a series of standing endurance postures with Hatha poses, all done in a humid room set at 105 degrees. Crazy? Obviously, but it’s the best workout I’ve ever experienced.

It will change your life, or change you into Gumby, which could be just as sweet.

5. Dance

Kaskade came to Hartford last week. He was my gateway DJ into house music and a little scorcher was not getting in the way of me making the treck down there.

The night turned out to be beautiful and a pleasant temperature once the sun went down.

BTW- Alvin Risk was his opener. Dude was nuts and after his set I became an instant fan. That and his black and white sweater vest won my heart. Do yourself a favor and check out his Soundcloud here.

5. The Art of the A/C Mooch

If six degrees of seperation exists, then so does six degrees of air condiditoning. Reach out. Use Social Media, dating sites, follow someone home (recommended as last resort). There is always that someone who is nowhere near as cheap as you that sprung for that sought after summer luxury.

Hint: Bringing a loaf of Banana Banana Bread may just make this step a little easier.


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