The Crazy Things We Do For Love

Somewhere between the Long Trail and the drive Binghamton, NY, I realized- passion is the ultimate motivator. It can persuade us to pursue an uncertain outcome. It’s a blindfold and a security blanket; the voice whispering about how taking this next step off the cliff is a good idea and despite common sense, you will be okay when you hit the ground.

This weekend, I trekked up with a partner in crime to West Rutland, VT to help a friend propose. The game plan involved hauling a table, champagne, glasses, roses, tuxedo t-shirt, Ninja (see below), dog-sized tux, and The ring up 45-minutes worth of the Appalachian Trail with a mighty incline. The scheme was to set it all up on Deer Leap Overlook- a patch of rock on top of a mountain with a “…whoa”-inducing view in time for the couple to stumble upon it.

Ninja in his Saturday best

It sounds crazy, and as the muscles of the set up, we suffered a few scratches and an almost broken tailbone (don’t worry- he saved the champagne). Seeing the expression on the now fiance’s face as she saw her little dog dressed up, the table, the bottle, and her boyfriend take a knee- it was an odd sight to see on top of a mountain but all the pieces fell into place and the sweat, scrapes and mud were worth it a thousand times over.

She said yes and I think it was one of the coolest moments I’ve ever been a part of.

Our hiding spot- she didn’t suspect a thing

That Sunday I drove from VT to CT to Binghamton, NY for my first job interview. What’s in Binghamton? Besides a small market willing to give me a chance, I have no idea.

The drive up was a little adventure in and of itself as well. It only took about 5 minutes into the trip before my Civic got angry and demanded an oil change. Good thing too, because the drive, though beautiful, did not have much in terms of civilization. Frankly, I had a feeling I was driving into the Twilight Zone.

US-17 West cut straight through the Catskills, where the sky was huge and its orange reflection gave the asphalt a purple tinge against rolling green hills. The only AM/FM reception I could decipher was a station playing nothing but old radio broadcasts of Flash Gordon and Dimension X. I even took a detour in one of the towns about an hour away from my destination- a mountain village frozen in time and full of houses that looked like Dorothy’s, pre-twister.

We’re not in Boston anymore…

I can’t put a finger on a title of what I was feeling, but it was somewhere between charmed and “what have you gotten yourself into now.”


For those we love and what we love, we tend to put ourselves out there. What we feel for them is inexplicable but yet they make us breakdown the walls of our comfort zones and place us on the tops of mountains, new surroundings, in towns without Starbucks, all in order to try to get us closer to them. And at the end of the day, even if it doesn’t turn out the way we planned, you don’t regret it, because if you didn’t have a go at it, the weight of the “what if” will attach itself on your shoulders.

I don’t know if this interview will go as well as the question pop but it’s all for what I love and whatever the outcome, at least I put myself out there. And if it turns out that Binghamton isn’t meant for me, I’ll make sure there are enough chances to chase it down- even if I have to get on one knee and  straight up ask.


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