Peanut Butter Crispy Bars- Made with Love & Free Time

In attempt to keep all career options open, I thought I’d try my hand at Keebler Elf.

Desperate times, my friend, desperate times.

Now we all have our vices. One of mine is internet food porn. Before you judge me, don’t act like you don’t indulge from time to time- we all know the real reason why you started that all-dessert board on Pinterest…

Welp, job applications and rejection can only take up so much of your time before going clinically insane so to break up the cycle, I took a chocolate making break.

The best kind of break if you ask me.

One of my favortite corners of the interwebs to go to peep at delicious, mouth-watering, (dare I say naughty) recipes is Smitten Kitchen by blogger and now cookbook author, Deb Perelman. Not only do the pictures on her site make me want to lick my MacBook, her writing is witty and the stories she attaches to her dishes are extremely entertaining. This may sound like the equivilant of saying people go to Hooters for the wings or read Playboy for the articles, but really! Check it out for yourself.

Anywho, the other day I was combing the chocolate section of her website and saw a confection that looked delicious AND realistically doable. Peanut Butter Crispy Bars– sweetened crispy rice cereal bottom, peanut butter middle, tucked in with a chocolate fudge blanket. Oh baby.

You can find the full recipe on her site here, but I did make a few changes. For the chocolate fudgy top, I used 72% cocoa dark chocolate because I’m a sucker for it.

To make the sugar coating, I employed the help of a meat thermometer instead of candy because if being broke and jobless teaches you anything, it’s how to be resourceful. Don’t let the candy-cooking portion of the recipe intimidate you- it’s plenty simple. I mean, did it.

Also, instead of the typical crispy rice cereal made by three very small, onomatopeia-named men, I used a puffed cereal called Kamut.

Kamut Puffs by Nature’s Path- find it on the bottom of the Whole Foods cereal aisle. Tip: if you’re aren’t craning your neck, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Whole grain and available by the the very inexpensive plastic bag-full. Healthy too- including it helped me sleep that night because once you go to the site and see the ingredient list, you’ll know what I mean. Read: sinful.

After my photo session, I cut the original squares into quarters to make bite-sized chocolates. My attempt at portion control. These beauties are super rich but use your own discretion. I’m not your mom.

Enjoy. These are all sorts of delicious. It will make your and your roommates/bf/gf/friends group’s day and worth the mess.

PS- Now I didn’t record the whole process but it looked a little something like this. Hint- I’m the fudge n00b.

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