The Benefits of Unemployment

Health insurance is overrated. If the first week of post-grad living has taught me that the unemployed lifestyle brings its own set of benefits to the table. They may not have been the most obvious, but if one was distracted by, say, a career, a paying job, responsibilities, they could be missed…

1. If possible, take the long route 

I love Beacon Hill. Cute shops with hanging signs,  skinny cobble stone streets, half addresses- it’s beautiful and quintessentially Boston. Also, it’s fun pretending you actually make enough money to tool around there. On Thursday, I was headed that way to do some work in a cafe on Charles Street when I decided to do a lap around Boston Common. I had nothing to do and hadn’t been there since before my last semester gobbled up my sanity  free time, so what the heck?

What I found was a Memorial Day display unlike anything I’ve seen in the park before.

30,000 flags planted in the common space in memory of every fallen Massachusetts soldier since the Civil War.  It was striking and induced a small pause in the middle of my day. A stunning reminder of what really should be on our minds for the holiday and one I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t followed the urge to wander.

2. There will always be someone with jumper cables

Friday was a Skrillex show to kick off the concert season at Ocean Club in Quincy. We wedged five into my compact car- three lacrosse players & two girls pushed beyond our comfort zones- and headed out. All of us were PUMPED and in our excitment, one (hint: NOT me) forgot to turn the head lights off. Oops.

 Still running on adrenaline after 4 hours of raving, the boys and I were racking our brains and AAA cards to figure out what we were going to do with a dead battery and no jumper cables. Luckily, my friend, and  only other chick there, rounded up a  Limo driver (where? how? I still don’t know) who was more than happy to give us a jump. We were on our way in a matter of minutes. Lesson learned- there’s always someone who is willing and able to help you. You just have to be resourceful enough to sniff them out.

3. Unplanned adventures are the best adventures

Sunday was a fantastic day. On a sheer whim, four of us headed to Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA. Gorgeous day, warm sun, and a little hut where we found beer and oysters on the half shell. It was the best day that we could have stumbled upon.

View from the beach towel

A dozen Island Creeks put me in a happy place

4. For the lactose intolerant, your quality of life doesn’t have to suck

I’m one of those people- the one who has to watch my friends stop for Pinkberry in between shopping ventures, pick cheese off pizza, always explain nicely why I can’t try your cheeseburger/lasagna/nachos/etc, etc, etc. Well, my dairy-free brothers and sisters, there is a glimmer of hope- a glimmer in the form of Arctic Zero. I found it hiding in the frozen food section of Whole Foods. Looks like ice cream, tastes like a fudgicle, fat free and, get this, is 150 calories for the ENTIRE pint. Wha?! You can have your Pinkberry. Find it at a store near you or order online.

5. Don’t just keep those in your company, cherish them

Yesterday, one of my friends left for profile finishing school up in Chicago. She’s the first one of us to move out of the Bean and for the long weekend, we made it a point to knock some things off her bucket list. One of those included a trip to The Barking Crab for (more) beer and shellfish.

Crab legs washed down with Magic Hat

It was four days of remicising and celebrating the adventures we’ve gotten ourselves into as well as the fact that we’ve miraculously survived all of them.   She’s going to kill it over there and I have all the confidence in the world that she’ll do some great things.

It’s a crazy time for all of us grads as we head off on different directions but if I learned anything this week is that we’re all probably going to be fine, as long as we still find ways to enjoy the ride.

But really, we gained a couch in Chicago so who can be upset?


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