I’m Not Qualified

Four years ago, I made a graduate mixed CD that I would blare, on repeat, with the windows down in my Civic. I could only assume I was known by my neighbors as “that Vitamin C Girl,” belting AS WE GOOOOO ON, WE REMEMBERRRR, off-key, tooling around my street no less than three weeks before my high school graduation.

This go around, for my college graduation, I only youtubed that song about half a dozen times in the past month and, if I couldn’t supress the urge, would hum the chorus only when I made sure I recognized no one within earshot.

That, my friends, is progress.

What I was able to control on the outside however, has reincarnated itself into a Tazmanian Devil of sorts inside. Here I am. Internship, after internship. Travel stipend, after food stipend after no stipend. Degree in hand… and no career title to back it all up. Student to unemployed in the diploma hand-off, with my friends and family watching.

This is what it looks like when real life punches me in the face

Melodrama? Maybe, but I overlooked the whole “oh crap it’s now real” factor I would be feeling right about…now.

What I will never forget is the speaker at my College of Communication convocation, Jay Adelson. Google him, I dare you. An internet entrepreneur (a grad from College of Optional Math nonetheless), his influence has spread to every cranny of the web, yet he talked about moments he didn’t feeling qualified for the job.  His passion, however, was finding new ways for people to connect, and because he followed what he loved, it didn’t matter whether or not he was deemed “qualified.”

Or as he said, “the traditional sense of being qualified, is bullsh*t”

Boom. See for your self–>

I may not be a tech entrepreneur. Heck, I may have even danced around my science/math requirements, but I connected with him on that one point. The reason I signed up for this major, this career path is because way down deep in the marrow of my bones, storytelling and reporting are my passions and I’m going to break into it no matter what. I may not be qualified, but I want it bad, as crazy as it sounds.

We all get lost from time to time. We get distracted from our goals by the voices saying what we should or shouldn’t do and it’s normal (God, I hope it’s normal) to feel a little like you’re chasing something for naught. Just remember, the only one who will qualify you is yourself.

In the meantime I’m crossing my fingers and hoping he’s right.

3 Responses to “I’m Not Qualified”
  1. Jay Adelson says:

    I took bioastronomy for my math/science requirement. You just jump in. It will be fine, trust me.

  2. You find the coolest people coming out of the woodwork as BU alumni, I had no idea you were one of them! And boss blog, Ness, I clearly need to expand my audience beyond search robots and beginner iPhone developers.

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